• "Let me just say WOW! I was so impressed with how MFMA and my Project Manager worked together with me that I was truly amazed. It is a bit frightening to use a company so far away but rest assured these guys & gals are top notch! Timely,price is right,effective,efficient and professional are some of the words that come to my mind when thinking of them. I plan on other apps in the future and have no doubts that I will use My First Mobile App again. Thank You! :-)"

    Julia McElwee USA Website: www.sosstaffingoptimizedsolutions.com
  • I recommend My First Mobile Application to any individual or company looking to develop an application. The company was prompt in developing a flawless mobile application that fit my specifications. They exceeded my expectations! With little experience in programming, the company led me through every step of the process. My First Mobile Application makes application development look simple; I am grateful for their hard work and expertise!

    Claire Abraham
  • “MyFirstMobileApp was a pure joy to work with. From beginning to end their communication, attentiveness, and attention to detail were above expectations. In today's interconnected world, it is very refreshing to see that a company operating from a site virtual from my own can be so responsive and efficient. I have over 10 years of engineering and product development experience both domestically and internationally and can say that the project Manager and the MyFirstMobileApp staff are world-class developers that I would not hesitate to use again.”

    Mark East
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  • “I'm still amazed at the quality of work of this team. The interaction was smooth, the work was fast, and the result was very professional. The experience was so pleasant that I will work again with MFMA. I earned a broader view of how an app is developed. I am sure that the next app will be even better. Staff of the MFMA, continue with this good work. You guys are really good at what you do.”

    Claudio Campos Angola
    Safe Invasion

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    Android Market
  • “As a person who has little experience with application development and structure, I found it enjoyable to work with MFMA. They were able to take my ideas and skillfully translate them into a product that looked professional. They were able to quickly and accurately let me know what would and would not work within the program. I felt like I was their only client...quick and detailed responses. All fees for modifications that I requested were upfront. I had attempted to have my app built with another company prior to finding MFMA. Definitely a company that I plan to use for further development of other apps.”

    David Austin USA

    Available on the App Store
  • "Working with the MFMA team has been nothing but an enjoyable experience. From the design, to development, and implantation phases, MFMA provided a level of experience I couldn’t be happier with. With the quality of product, tremendous consumer experience, and a level of comfort others couldn’t meet, I recommend and will most definitely utilize MFMA for any further application requirements."

    Neal United States
  • "My experience with the team at MyFirstMobileApp was amazing. From day one, they were very easy to work with and always there to answer all of my questions. The dedication they have shown towards my project far exceeded my expectations and they were always updating me with how the project was progressing. When choosing someone to develop your idea, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different choices out there. Let me assure you that the team at MyFirstMobileApp will not disappoint. I am so very happy that I chose them to develop my idea and I hope to work with them again in the near future!"

    Ryan Blick USA
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  • "The team at MyFirstMobileApp.com have impressed me. As well as managing our project from start to finish, they were happy to adapt and enhance our application based on feedback and ideas we sent. They are responsive and supportive even though our testing and feedback was stringent. At every stage, I was impressed by their willingness to make changes and their fast, efficient turnaround of any tweaks, bug fixes or updates we asked for. At the end of our project I feel we have a beautiful app made by an experienced and trustworthy team. Thank you to MyFirstMobileApp for delivering on time, on budget - and being great to work with! Highly recommended."

    Michael Wells (Managing Director) Third Light Ltd
    United Kingdom
    The Digital Asset Management Specialists
    Website: www.thirdlight.com
  • "MyFirstMobileApp went above and beyond to get our app approved for the App Store. When our initial design was rejected, MyFirstMobileApp took it on themselves to evaluate our design and make changes to get the app approved. With the changes, our app was approved."

    Bill McMahon United States
  • "It was a pleasure to work with MyFirstMobileApp. I have especially been pleased to work with the Project Manager in charge of my app and would also like to express my appreciation for the work done by the company’s development team. I have three more apps to produce and I have chosen MyFirstMobileApp.com to create them, as I have no doubts that they can deliver the kind of apps I want".

    Dr. Herb Ross United States
  • "My experience with the folks at MyFirstMobileApp was fantastic. At Trivia Test Productions we have used a number of App developers over the years. We have used a couple of U.S. based developers and have contracted with developers based in the Ukrainian. Even though the folks at MyFirstMobileApp are based far away, their comprehension to my needs and their knowledge of Apple based platforms, code & functionality is unmatched. We had total access to our MFMA project manager any time we needed to contact them with questions or concerns. On another note, of all the developers we have used in the past, MFMA had the most competitive prices so far. Trivia Test Productions has two app up and selling on iTunes right now including the "Television Trivia Test" and "iRichFields". We have more apps dropping soon and will use MyFirstMobileApp for their development as well. I highly recommend MFMA to those out there looking for help with their app projects."

    Rich Fields United States

    Available on the App Store
  • “Trustworthy, is a difficult term to describe an online business. However, MyFirstMobileApp proved it when developing my app (iPsych) in terms of planning, costing and execution.

    I am very happy about support before, during and after sale which most developers tend to neglect.”

    Ahmed Gerashi Bahrain

    Available on the App Store
  • “With my knowledge and database I gained through over 15 years of my professional experiences in several countries, I always wanted to bring architecture closer to the public internationally. And this is the best way to do it through amazing network of iPhone!

    I wasn’t sure how to do it but when I first found MyFirstMobileApp, it made my dream come true! They have been always prompt and helpful in creating my app for Tokyo and now I’m happy to make apps for other cities in the world!

    Thank you for your help in connecting the world!!”

    Jun Sakaguchi Australia
  • “Our experiences with MyFirstMobileApp have far exceeded our expectations. Despite being a software development company ourselves, we have always been nervous about sub-contracting to overseas developers. In addition, our app was not going to be straightforward. MyFirstMobileApp immediately understood our needs, demonstrated extraordinary efficiency to make changes (usually within hours), and made the whole process of producing our app fast, painless and good value for money. We will certainly be using them again.”

    Jerry Horwood UK

    Available on the App Store
  • “I was introduced to MyFirstMobileApp from their website. Initially i was very apprehensive about dealing with a service provider so far away to develop a mobile app.

    I was amazed throughout the process by the friendly disposition of MyFirstMobileApp team and their detailed understanding of technology and development, what can be done and what cant.

    The Project Manager at MyFirstMobileApp guided me through the entire development process including advising on the best way to achieve our outcome. This included registering on the iStore / Facebook and Twitter.

    Thank you so much and look foward to working with you again soon.”

    Lushen Pather South Africa

    Available on the App Store
  • "I was a little skeptical at first about getting an online company to help in the creation of my mobile application, but after talking with myfirstmobileapp.com I knew my ideas where in safe hands.

    I was given an accurate quote and time frame of development of my application from start to finish, on accepting the quote I was given my own account manager who guided me though each step and answered any questions I had. The team at myfirstmobileapp.com allowed me to get involved in the development of my application; all of my ideas were taken into account.

    My Application was taken from paper to a working App that available to purchase on the Apple Store right now.

    If you are thinking of having an application created or just need help getting your application to the next level then I can’t recommend the team at myfirstmobileapp.com enough.

    I look forward to working with the team at myfirstmobileapp.com again on future updates or new project ideas"

    Steve Hoensch IGC Computing Limited
  • "I was looking for a company that had proven experience in developing mobile apps. I submitted multiple apps ideas to MyFirstMobileApp and their expertise has turned these ideas into live apps. MyFirstMobileApp improved my ideas and made them more exciting and also ensured that the apps were designed, developed, and marketed with proven efficiency. Right from ideation to design and development of the apps up to the final submission to the iTunes stores, I have been amazed by their attention to detail and the dedication they bring to their projects. The 5 apps and website for marketing that were delivered to me – were beyond expectations. I’m amazed with their professional and very friendly approach and I continue to use their services, which is proof of my being extremely satisfied with their services. I highly recommend this company to anybody who needs to bring a unique mobile app idea to life. I must say that MyFirstMobileApp.com is simply the best!"

    Hussain Al-Marzooq NoorMobileApps
    Website: www.noormobileapps.com
  • "I had been searching for a developer to create my first mobile app, based on our already existing website and database. I had spoken with several companies, and received several quotations....MyFirstMobileApp.com were the most efficient with communication, and dealt with every question I had, promptly. They also had an impressive portfolio, and made me feel very secure about working with them. It can be a gamble, when sending money across the web to companies you do not know and have not dealt with before. This company kept me informed about every step taken, for e.g. when I sent payments across to them; they informed me quickly about their receipt. The app is now finished and live on the iTunes store, but they are still on hand to answer my questions; helping me understand every process of this new venture. I would recommend this company to anyone looking at developing an app, and am more than happy for anyone to contact me and discuss just how easy and efficient it was working with MyFirstMobileApp.com."

    Adam Gough Spain
  • "We were building our first mobile app and were glad we found MyFirstMobileApp. They helped us through the process and designed the app just as we had pictured it. We have had numerous comments on how well the app works and how well it looks. Thanks to My First Mobile App and their team! Can’t wait for our second one."

    Kathy Lees United States
    Website: www.golfcashcaddie.com
  • "The World Geography Challenge application MyFirstMobileApp created for us helped us engage a new segment of our target population: high school and college students. It’s a great way for us to connect to people and have them participate in our programs. As we strive to keep up with technology, the app offers users a fun challenge and new way of learning world geography. While the app’s technology is advanced, its functionality is simple to use. Thank you for your creativity, MyFirstMobileApp!"

    Jim Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship
    Website: www.fdu.edu/rothman

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