HTML 5 Application Development

HTML 5 Application Development HTML 5, the fifth revision of the world’s most commonly used markup language, HTML, has taken the world of apps development by storm. brings to its clients HTML 5 mobile app development solutions that are cross platform compatible, innovation personified, and leverage the full potential of HTML 5., a leading HTML5 mobile app development company has always been ahead of the learning curve when it comes to the adoption and implementation of any new technology making its presence felt in our domain of operations. HTML 5 is still a work in progress and in a state of flux, but we have made it our own, by gaining an exhaustive and continuing understanding and expertise of this platform. They are able to use HTML 5 to create custom HTML5 mobile app development solutions that have the efficiency and seamless features of native apps, and the distinctive abilities that this new platform brings to the table.

Why Us?

Our team of expert HTML5 application developers make excellent use of the various HTML 5 tools like Offline web storage, GeoLocation API, Video and Audio Streaming support, CSS3 and Canvas drawing and many others; they also put the various frameworks of this platform to good use, including JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit, jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch amongst various others.

We put our many years of app development experience to good use to focus on creating cross platform web applications for mobile devices that have the ability to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the target audience. With our HTML 5 mobile app development services, you no longer have to build a native app for each platform; you can build one app that works on all the platforms that you want to target.

  • Offline

  • Storage

  • Connectivity

  • Geo Location

  • Semantics

  • Audio/Video

  • 3D/Graphics

  • css3

  • Performance

Qualities of our HTML 5 Applications:

  • Quick to Load, Extremely Responsive, Irrespective of their levels of complexity
  • Pixel Perfect Applications that are Engaging, Interactive, and Visually Appealing
  • A web app that has many integral qualities of native apps
  • Universal apps that run on any device
  • Built to offer Extremely Satisfying Mobile User Experiences

Our HTML 5 mobile app development apps are driven by just one motto “Build Apps to Perform’. We focus on delivering mobile apps that build value for our clients by improving brand visibility and boosting strategic business growth.

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