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The Project

Third Light Intelligent Media Services provides an Intelligent Media Server, which is a digital asset management solution for business users. It wanted us to develop an iPhone app that enabled users to securely upload photos that will sync with the user’s account on the Third Light IMS server. The app needed to offer users the kind of functionality that allows them to upload photos in batches from the photo library, or capture new photos from the camera and directly upload them to the server. The app needed to offer HTTP and HTTPS support and compatibility with all Third Light IMS v6.x servers.

The Challenges

The challenge was to implement a functionality that allows multiple selections of photos from the photo library and their upload on to the server. A key challenge was also to ensure that the exif data of photos is maintained irrespective of the sources, whether they were photos available in the library, or pictures that had just been captured by the iPhone’s camera. Our developers also had to ensure that the size of the photos, their quality and orientation were in line with client expectations. Another challenge was to ensure that the three-level hierarchy, conceptualized for the app be displayed appropriately, in a way such that there is no extra load on the server.

The Solution

In order to of maintain consistency of photos irrespective of the source, our developers kept both the Retina and Normal display in mind. Also, while uploading data we exhaustively checked all the files and directories to ensure that they were available at the right place. We also took good care to manage the whole process of uploading/deleting/syncing/tracking etc. of photo files. In the end it was our expertise and experience in iPhone application development that allowed us to create an iPhone app that met the client’s requirements in all respects.

Technical Details

For iPhone app development we have used the following technologies:

  • iOS 4.2
  • xCode
  • Objective C
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON