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The Project

The client was an individual who came to us with a unique, but a not so clearly defined, iPhone app idea. He wanted a fun app that enabled users to do what they can only dream about doing – Kill their bills. The iPhone app’s game play had to enable users to kill bills that drop from the top of their iPhone screens. Users can kill the bill by tapping on the bills, before they reach the envelope.

The Challenges

The key challenge was creating an impressively designed app with a custom log that provides seamless game play. We also had to ensure the perfect size of the bills (taking into consideration the iPhone screen size) and also guarantee an accurate tapping point. Another challenge was designing customized objects, assigning them specific roles and making sure that they gel with the rest of the game play.

The Solution


Our team fleshed out and enhanced the concept to ensure that it results in an iPhone app, which was all that the client wanted it to be.


Our exhaustive understanding of what the iPhone user expects from the design point of view helped us design an app with visuals that not only appealed and engaged but also were a perfect functional fit for the app as a whole.


Our comprehensive expertise on the latest version of the iOS SDK allowed us to develop an app that perfectly matches the client requirements and was easily accepted by the iTunes store.

Technical Details

For iPhone app development we have used the following technologies.

  • iOS 4.2
  • xCode
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Objective C
  • XML Parsing