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The Project

The client is an individual who came to us with the requirement for an iPhone that needed to be an exact replica of his existing Android app. The name of the app ‘Golf-Cash Caddie’ says it all. It is an app that makes it easy to track and calculate the bets that have been placed on each hole, during a golfing session. Cash Caddie will show you exactly how much each player is up or down in points and money after each hole. This app can track the scores of up to 8 golfers at a time and that too for unlimited holes.

The Challenges

  • Understanding the functional logic of existing Android app to ensure that the iPhone app is its exact replica
  • Ensuring enhancement of original Android app design and making it iPhone compatible
  • Understanding the complicated mathematical calculations that were an integral part of the existing app and incorporating the same in the iPhone app
  • Solving existing loopholes in the logic of the Android app and ensuring that there were no problems in the logic of the iPhone app
  • Offering mathematical calculation for unlimited holes
  • Ensuring that the reliability of the app and also of its calculation for unlimited holes; the app system shouldn’t crash even after calculating for ‘n’ number of holes

The Solution

The excellence of our app is illustrated by the fact that no sooner was this app accepted by the iTunes store, than users started downloading the app. They have given full marks to the app in their reviews. A successful solution is a combination of sustained efforts, expertise and experience. We brought these three qualities in full force to ensure that the process of app development catered to all client requirements. We ensured that the iPhone app perfectly replicated all the features and functionalities of the client’s existing Android app in detail and a perfect manner. Our developers made it a point to capture each and every detail of the Android app and ensure that it was a part of the iPhone app. The result is an app that is a treat to use for all golfing enthusiasts, who want a highly interactive companion that helps them calculate the bets placed on each hole.

Technical Details

For iPhone app development we have used the following technologies.

  • iOS 4.2
  • xCode
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Objective C