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The Project

The client was an individual who came to us with a unique, but a not so clearly defined, iPhone app idea. He wanted a puzzle iPhone app. The concept of the app revolves around trying to switch on the light by connecting lines from the paint jar. The aim is to switch on all three lights with white color. To achieve this, the user needs to connect each light with 3 lines (blue, green, red). The final connection should have 9 lines, three from each jar. But at no point should any line cross the other.

The Challenges

The key challenge was to create both an iPhone and an iPad version of the app. Apart from ensuring the highest standards of creativity for design of the app and its logo; the challenge was to give a perfect shape to the complex concept. From the development perspective, the challenge was designing 6 objects (3 bulbs and 3 paint-jars) and enabling users to place them anywhere on the screen and initiating the game play from the chosen position. It was also a challenging task to implement the RGB color model for ensuring intuitive color combinations. Ensuring that the puzzle was challenging enough was a challenge in itself.

The Solution


Our constructive inputs and suggestions gave perfect shape to this idea; we identified its challenges, USP and all the core requirements that were needed to make it work, with respect to the successful development of the app


With the perfect choice of color combination (colours that will come out looking brilliant on iPhone and iPad screens) and designing simple yet highly effective paint jars and light bulbs, we gave a certain vibrant energy to the app idea. The final design brings out the app concept with a blend of clarity and excitement.


Our integrated approach towards using the iOS SDK and core focus on usability and user engagement enabled us to develop a cutting edge app that worked efficiently on both the iPad and the iPhone.

Technical Details

For iPhone/iPad app development we have used the following technologies.

  • iOS 4.2
  • xCode
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Objective C
  • XML Parsing