Surefire Tips from Apple for iOS 7 Mobile App Developers

With iOS 7, Apple is introducing a fresh design language.While this is great news for the users, it means a lot of hard work for mobile developers. The new design will change how apps look on the iPhone, and apps will have to be designed or redesigned, keeping in mind the peculiarities of iOS 7′s new design.

Fortunately for developers, Apple has created a detailed guide to help developers get a hang of all the new design elements. The guide gives detailed instructions regarding the use of layouts, borderless buttons, and other innovative UI elements. Here, we explore the most crucial lessons offered by Apple.

The Soul of iOS 7

Design is the soul of iOS 7, and Apple sees it as a way to transform the app experience from ground up. Three concepts lie at the heart of the new design – deference, depth and clarity. The UI defers to the content, but also helps user interact with content by being unobtrusive. Layers, in combination with realistic motions, create an illusion of depth and make the user feel connected to the device at a deeper level. Legible text, systematic icons, and emphasis on functionality promote clarity.

Actionable Design Tips for Mobile Developers

While deference, depth and clarity are the soul of the design, they are simply pointers. Apple has also provided several actionable tips that can help developers get their apps ready for the new operating system. Let’s take a look at the most important app tips from Apple:

1. Apple iOS 7 has several translucent design elements, and view controllers use full-screen layout. Mobile developers will have to ensure that the content of their app appears clearly through these.

2. The new operating system has better and simpler icons. So, mobile developers will have to redesign better and lighter bar button icons to make them work well with iOS 7.

3. Mobile apps with hard-coded values will need some changes as they will have to be replaced by system-provided values. This means that you will have to check on your positions and sizes and replace them with dynamically derived values. Thankfully, you can use Auto Layout to simplify the process.

4. With iOS 7, users will get the option of changing the size of the text inside apps. So, you will have to adopt Dynamic Text to ensure that users don’t face any problems when they adjust the font size in your app.

5. There are several new features in iOS 7, and Control Center is one the most important. For apps that have custom touch options, developers will need to ensure that the app doesn’t respond incorrectly when the users perform the newer gestures that have been included in iOS 7.

Summing up

The iOS 7 is shifting paradigms of mobile app designs. As a mobile developers, this means that you may have to make a lot of minor changes to your existing apps. If you are creating new applications, there is a whole new world of opportunity in front of you – the new interface, design, features and controls will enable you to build highly innovative apps. And the key to iOS 7 lies in understand the design.

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